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Storytelling Competition Info:
Highland Students will have the opportunity to prepare and memorize a 3-8 minute story to tell to their peers. The top two storytellers from each grade will be chosen to tell their story at an assembly on March 1st, and winners will be chosen for both the 1-3 graders and the 4-6 graders.

Relevant Dates:
Week of February 20th:
Have your story memorized and ready to present!
Teachers will choose two storytellers to represent their class.
Monday, February
26: Grade level representatives chosen.
Friday, March 1st: Storytelling assemblies - one for lower grades, one for upper grades.
Judges will choose the winners from each group.

"Take Flight" 2023-2024

Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

  • Grades 1-6
  • 8:00-2:15
  • AM Kindergarten
  • 8:00-10:45
  • PM Kindergarten
  • 11:30-2:15



  • 2nd Grade 11:40-12:25
  • 1st Grade 11:50-12:33
  • 3rd Grade 11:55-12:40
  • 4th Grade 12:05-12:45
  • Life Skills 12:10-1:00
  • 6th Grade 12:20-1:00
  • 5th Grade 12:30-1:10