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We are looking for parents willing to help with Knowledge Bowl and Math Club this year.

Dear Parents,

Two of our favorite academic programs at Highland, Math Team and Knowledge Bowl, are in need of your help!  Amy is not able to run Math Team this year. Michelle can still direct the Knowledge Bowl program, but she needs help running the after-school practices.

Why do we love Math Team?

The Highland Math Team is an advanced math group for 4th–6th graders. Typically we practice once a week after school from late October until early March. Once a month, we compete in five Math Olympiads contests. We also participate in the National Math Club challenges, including a group service or artistic project. We have been recognized as a Math Olympiads honor school twice and a National Math Club Gold Level school four times. Once our team even won a $200 cash prize! The students are passionate about this club—they seem to grow as much as teammates and collaborators as they do as “mathletes."

Why do we love Knowledge Bowl?  

Knowledge Bowl is a program run by Alpine School District where we learn a lot of information about a certain topic (this year: Science).  We review it for a few months, and then we compete against other schools in the District in March.  Each year our school has done Knowledege Bowl we have had one or more teams place in the Top Ten at District.  The students and I always learn a ton, and it's such a fun way to extend our knowledge together.  We practice once a week with each age group (3rd/4th and 5th/6th) starting in January.  

If you are interested in helping with either/both of these wonderful programs, please contact Amy or Michelle. We are both willing to attend practices, mentor, and give you all the information we've gotten over the years to make this as easy as possible for our helpers.

With appreciation,

Amy Brinton ([email protected]) and Michelle Buechner ([email protected])

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  • 2nd Grade 11:40-12:25
  • 1st Grade 11:50-12:33
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  • 4th Grade 12:05-12:45
  • Life Skills 12:10-1:00
  • 6th Grade 12:20-1:00
  • 5th Grade 12:30-1:10